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Social Networks, Small and Smaller

Calls FamilyLeaf "intimate by design" and heralds its "streamlined photosharing."

"Facebook makes sharing easy — too easy, some would say. The site does allow you to define smaller circles of friends, but that requires constantly monitoring what should — and should not — be shared with whom. FamilyLeaf limits an individual’s network in a different way: it is just for relatives. After FamilyLeaf opened, demand soon exceeded capacity, and there is now a waiting list to join."

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Some social-network sites limit friends, access

“Forced to either navigate complex privacy settings or to block their relatives altogether, [FamilyLeaf] aims to create a space where families could connect online but away from the social-media frontlines."

FamilyLeaf Brings Your Kin Together In Its Own Private Social Network

“The site has been particularly resonant with those who have a lot of long-distance connections. It’s not often that I come across new services that seem to speak to my Life at the moment, but this company seems to have done that."

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Social Sites for Families: More Personal than Facebook

“Users tell Mashable they use the site for keeping in touch with ill loved ones, or sharing photos of children with extended family members, or sharing photos of special occasions with only a select group.

One FamilyLeaf user from Brazil said they used the site to share their six-year struggle of trying to get pregnant — and, ultimately, the news when they got pregnant. "We like that the site is private, and we can share what we want to without the fear of others seeing and judging."

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Your Family's Private Social Network

“Your work life and your social life have been well-addressed online, but no service has truly helped you stay in touch with your family".

New Social Network a Family Affair for Young Bellevue Co-Founder

"FamilyLeaf’s interface is clean, its features simple, and, when possible, extra-accessible. Email uploading and messaging means even relatives unfamiliar with social networking can share photos and see updates. It even teaches you what to share to spark conversations with family members. One optional feature sends you text message prompts to share tidbits from your day with your family: “How’s your day going?” “What’s the weather like?” “What are you reading?”

FamilyLeaf lets your mom stalk your life without the embarrassment

"You couldn’t design a product more viral than a tool for families. You don’t ignore family, so it’s spreading like a weed."