How does it all work?

Familyleaf has four main features to help you stay in touch with your loved ones. Once you've created your account and added some family members to a branch, you can start using the site to privately share with, learn about, and grow alongside your loved ones.

We make it easy to organize old memorable photographs, an album of your latest vacation, a precious video of the children, and interesting updates taken on your phone throughout your day! You can add photos from your computer, import them from services like Facebook and Flickr, or add them by sending an email - it's that easy. When you share them on FamilyLeaf, your family has instant online albums for everyone to see, tag, “love,” and comment on.

The conversation board is great for communicating recent information, planning for the future, or reminiscing on the past! Tell your family you miss them, or just say hi. It’s easy to comment, read and find: so say goodbye to mass texts and messy email chains.

Our useful directory allows you to add photos, an address, a birthday and other information for each of your family members. Get rid of the ragged address book with outdated information, or the spreadsheet stuck up on the fridge with all the wrong phone numbers. Everyone can chip in to make sure it’s up to date, so you reach your loved ones in a cinch!

Tidbits let you share the little moments that families are built on. Food, sights you enjoyed, the cute things your kids do, or how your day is going. You can send in tidbits of your life every day over text or email, and they’re gathered for your family to read. Your loved ones will enjoy catching up with you on FamilyLeaf. Learn more about Tidbits.