About FamilyLeaf

FamilyLeaf is a fully private space for your family to share updates, photos, memories, and
contact information with your family across generations and countries.

Our families are spread out all over the world - from Seattle to Shanghai, from London to Los Angeles. We realized in February of 2012 that meaningful connections with our distant family members were largely vacant from our young lives. We would try to text our loved ones individually, or update them with long email threads, but it was difficult. We loved our families and they were curious about our lives, but we weren't checking in enough. Worse yet, we didn't know what any of them were up to.

We found it strange that modern social networking had helped our social lives and our professional lives immensely, but hadn't changed what means the most to us: how we connect with our loved ones. FamilyLeaf is an attempt to change that status quo - for our families, and for all others around the globe.

We want to help you feel that you're always "right there" with your loved ones, no matter how physically far you are. That's why we're building FamilyLeaf.

We've been lucky enough to be applauded by publications like the New York Times and USA Today, but this is just the beginning. We're excited for the long road ahead...

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We're a bunch of "college dropouts" that love building FamilyLeaf.

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We're also backed by fantastic technology investors like Y Combinator to help realize our dream of bringing families closer together. Before you ask, FamilyLeaf is and will always be free. More information here.

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